Oxispeed® Gel

Formula made from nutrients which help to improve the vital tone and the energy in animals.

What ingredients does it contain?

As animals age, the defence systems become inefficient. Moreover, cognitive and behavioural changes can appear as well as external alterations such as a deterioration of skin and fur appearance.

Oxispeed® made from royal jelly, octacosanols, omega 3 (EPA + DHA), group B vitamins, lycopene, Yucca schidigera extract, beta carotene, vitamin E, selenium and taurine, helps to improve the animal’s vital tone and energy.

In what situations is its use recommended?

Oxispeed® gel provides nutrients which help:

  • To improve the vital tone
  • The immune system
  • In the case of nutritional deficiencies
  • The cognitive system

Which presentations are available?

Oxispeed® Gel

Box containing a 50 ml bottle and a dosing syringe. Oral gel.

Which mode of use is recommended?


  • 0.5 ml/day.

Adult cats:

  • 1 ml/day.

Ferrets, rodents:

  • 0.2 ml/kg of body weight.

Mix with the regular food.

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