Lagrinet® Neo

Hydrating solution. Product for eye hygiene and care.

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What ingredients does it contain?

Lagrinet® Neo is a sterile solution based on sodium hyaluronate, Aloe Vera distilled water and Centella asiática distilled water, it has a filmogenic activity that mantains the conjunctival surface, corneal epithelium and tear film integrity, helping to protect the eye’s surface against irritations porduced by extrenal agents or allergens.

The absence of preservatives avoids the toxic effects caused by its use on the corneal epithelium, enabling a greater frequency of application and improving the results in the long term.

In what situations is its use recommended?

Lagrinet® Neo is recommended for:

  • Lacrimal hyposecretion leading to dry eye.
  • Eye maintenance.

Which presentations are available?

Lagrinet® Neo

Multi-dose 10 ml bottle of hypoosmolar sterile solution with a filter.

Nº Reg.: 01178-H.

Which mode of use is recommended?

When administering treatment with a solution that is free from preservatives, it can be used over a prolonged period while symptoms persist.

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