This year; new image, new products and greater innovation
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Innovation in intestinal health for our pets
Discover the benefits
Welcome spring: Healthy hair and skin
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This year we bet to a new image, new products and major innovation, always guaranteeing the best for our pets
Discover our products
Innovation in intestinal health for our pets
Discover the benefits
Welcome spring: Healthy hair and skin
Discover our dermal products to help your pet

Intestinal health innovation
for our pets

In autumn,
we opt for a complete digestive health!

Pharmadiet Veterinaria

Laboratorios Pharmadiet started their operations in Spain in 1992 as an organisation to develop products in the healthcare sector focusing on promoting wellbeing and the continuous improvement of health management for both human and pets.

In 2012 the laboratory was acquired by  OPKO Health Inc., a well-known North American pharmaceutical laboratory working on innovation, development, research and diagnostics. It is a public company listed on the US stock exchange (NASDAQ: OPK). Through this company, Pharmadiet has started focusing exclusively on animal health products and it is a reference company for this. Currently, OPKO has an international presence while Pharmadiet Veterinaria is specialised in nutritional supplements for animal health.


Pharmadiet Veterinaria maintains a strong commitment to vets and pet owners, providing innovative solutions with unique and complete formulas made of natural ingredients.


Provide effective and innovative solutions to facilitate the day-to-day practice of vets in order to improve animals’ quality of life, making Pharmadiet Veterinaria the leading nutritional supplements brand for pets.

Highly skilled and motivated team

Pharmadiet Veterinaria has a human team of highly skilled and motivated professionals who work under the same code of responsibility. They always prioritise the evidence and the efficacy of their products.

Social commitment and commitment to the animals

We take great satisfaction in collaborating with the ONCE guide dog foundation in Spain and the ex-situ Iberian lynx conservation programme.

Manufactured by ourselves

Pharmadiet Veterinaria is a pioneer in the research and development of nutraceutical and zoosanitary products for animal health manufactured in Spain.

Quality assured

The high-quality standards are a strategic pillar at Pharmadiet Veterinaria. In order to guarantee these standards, we constantly work to ensure the continuous improvement of processes and the optimisation of quality controls. Pharmadiet Veterinaria are currently produced under international good manufacturing practice standards.

Made for you

Thanks to our commitment to improve the quality of life of our pets, at Pharmadiet Veterinaria we aim to ensure that our prices are fair and accessible.

Department of Pharmacovigilance:

Pharmadiet Veterinaria has a Pharmacovigilance department aimed at evaluating and preventing possible adverse effects of the products or any problems related to them. This guarantees surveillance throughout the life of the product.

Pharmadiet Veterinaria

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